About Our Acharya

Name : Shree Rakeshprasadji Maharaj

Birth Date : 23 july, 1966

Sansthan : Vadtal

Accepted Gadi : 31 January 2003

After initiating a tradition of looking after the entire Fellowship in the hands of the persons from his own family-line Lord Swaminarayan established two high seats of religion, one at Vadtal and the other at Ahmedabad.

The first person to occupy the Laxminarayan Dev Gadi of Vadtal was H.H. Acharya Shri Raghuvirji Maharaj and seven other Acharyas (cardinal chiefs) followed him in the tradition.

Presently, Honourable H.H. 1008 Acharya Shri Rakesh Prasadji Maharaj adores the Gadi of Vadtal since 31st January, 2003. The life of Rakesh Prasadji Maharaj is very simple, fair and chaste in every respect, and he takes deep interest in Sanskrit and Prakrit literature of our religion.

Even in the discomforts, he has established temples and consecrated idols. As desired by Lord Shri Swaminarayan, he has given Diksha to more than 175 saints.

Having meritorious qualities of asceticism and self-control Acharya Shri Rakesh Prasadji Maharaj posseses sharp memory and power of eloquence with lucid sermonic style. His delivery of speeches is gentle, profound and enchanting.

This Acharya has gained confidence and trust of all the saints in such wonderful way that the saintly and the worldly people feel spiritual bliss to have his Darshan.